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  • Define your desired life and set the path to acheive it
  • Learn the secrets to manifesting wealth that really work
  • Eliminate the blocks and bad habits that keep you from achieving financial success
  • Rewrite your money story FOR GOOD
  • Identify ways to make money EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY
  • Eliminate money stress and anxiety, replacing it with confidence and feeling in control
  • Get into the FLOW of money and stay there
  • Set yourself up for a life abundant in wealth, happiness and health

How do you know if you need a change in your money mindset?


  • Working way to hard and still feeling like you never have any money
  • Worrying about the next bill that's due or unexpected expense that comes up
  • Looking for creative ways to finance the gap between your income and your expenses each month
  • Feeling out of control, anxious and stressed about your cash flow
  • Avoiding the ACTION you KNOW you should be taking to manage your money

If so, it's time to make a change and embrace a life of financial freedom and abundance!

You can create the life you desire! The only thing truly holding you back is you.


  • You're able to take that family vacation you've always dreamed of
  • You get to pursue what you're passionate about, lead a purpose driven life AND make money
  • You have freedom to work where and when you want to 
  • You have time to have FUN with your family and friends
  • You feel in control, stress-free and full of energy
  • When the mail comes, you don't cringe and worry about bills
  • You're not only debt free, but financially free
  • Money flows into your life easily and effortlessly
  • You fall in love with your life

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? You can achieve this and more with a transformational change in your money mindset.

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"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." Isn't it time for a change?

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What others are saying about the Challenge:

"Heather is a wonderful leader and her own inner light really shines through. Her program forced me to make a clear vision for myself and write down my money goals - it was tremendously helpful. During the program, I was able to manifest $19,000!" JC

"Heaher has the unique combination of financial expertise, up to the minute research and a heartfelt desire to help everyone succeed and live an abundant life. You will learn to turn your money fears around, illuminate your purpose, and most importantly, thrive! VB

"Heather's amazing course helped me identify limiting beliefs about my business and gave so many practical tools to work through them on my way to abundance. Highly recommend!" KG

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